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We import our 3D Silicon USB Flash Drives. ***MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY OF 200.*** The current turn-around time on a newly designed product is two weeks. We can create any shape and any logo and the molded silicon shape can be produced in any colours. There is no limitation on the amount of colours or shape.

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USB Custom

3D Cut Off Finger USB

A fun way to catch attention - 3D Cut Off Finger USB

3D Washing Powder USB

A branded Washing Powder USB, add your company logo

3D Golfbag USB

3D Golfbag USB - any colour and shape

3D Handbag or Shopping USB

Awesome shoppers gift a 3D Handbag with your shop logo or ...

3D Medical Syringe USB

3D Medical Syringe USB with branded logo ontop

3D Markers Pen USB

3D Markers Pen USB with Company Logo embedded

3D Shoe USB

A 3D Shoe USB in any brand or shape

3D Swiss Army Knife USB

A 3D Swiss Army Knife USB - 2 part

3D Tomato Shaped USB

A 3D Shaped Tomato USB with optional Keyring

Domed USB with Embedded Logo

A domed see through USB with embedded logo

3D Fish USB

A 3D Fish Shaped USB, optional Keyring if required

Silicone Armband USB

A Brandable Silicone Armband USB Drive

3D Explosive Keyring

A 3D Explosive Sign, used in Mining on a keyring

3D Excavator USB Keyring

3D Excavator USB in any colour on a Keyring

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